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This year we are delighted to announce that Solarspot systems will be featured on Channel 4’s flagship show Grand Designs.

In fact, the house features 26 systems that are used extensively to bring daylight into virtually all areas of this amazing build.

The innovating and stylish home had to meet a number of extremely strict planning requirements that meant that a traditional design would not be possible. The site for the house is in the grounds of a historic site in South Hertfordshire and because the site was almost directly below the building’s main tower the brief from the planners was that the house should be virtually invisible when viewed from above. This meant the house had to be single storey and the roof would need to overhang the windows and doors. Both requirements, coupled with a profusion of mature trees, was likely to result in a lack of natural light being able to get into the house.

“… the sun tubes are working very well …very pleased with them”

Chris & Kayo

Solarspot systems were chosen over products from Solatube and Lightway after the architect, Rogan Gale-Brown, was able to read product test data published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to determine what would be the most suitable product for the project. Rogan commented, ‘As with many of the products used in a building this technical, claims and counter claims abound. It was refreshing to be able to read an independent appraisal of the products without any marketing waffle – a Which report for sun pipes if you like – that allowed me to know that I was specifying the brightest tube for my client’.

Externally, the Solarspot tubes had to work sympathetically with the innovatively designed curved ‘living’ roof system. Inside, several of the systems had to be fitted with electrically controlled dimming systems as they are located in all five of the bedrooms.

You can see this amazing house on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, and for your ‘grand design’ you can call us today on 0333 772 0137 for help and advice.

Solarspot system images featured on the
Channel 4’s flagship show Grand Designs.

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